Maine Media Collective’s Newest Magazine Is Just Photos of Its Other Magazines

Portland — Maine Magazine’s publisher is releasing yet another magazine to join its growing stable of properties, this one dedicated to cataloging and celebrating all the other magazines it publishes.

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Maine Media’s new monthly magazine is called Media: Maine Media’s Maine Media. It showcases people reading, enjoying, and sharing Maine Media magazines while peering thoughtfully across a beach, or sitting in front of a roaring fireplace inside a cozy cabin.

At the front of every magazine is a Who’s Who of people living in Maine, enjoying Maine Media Collective properties at swanky wine tastings in and around the Portland area.

“With over 700 magazines about various parts of Maine life, it seemed only natural for a magazine about all the other magazines to be our next project,” said Chief Operating Officer Andrea King.

The new magazine will be available in the Maine Media Collective magazine rack located in every coffee shop in the state, or you can pick up a complimentary copy next time you’re at one of Maine’s Subaru dealers.

Features include photos of stacks of magazines like Maine the Magazine, Maine Home + Design, eat maine, and hundreds of others like maine cheese, Farm + Fun!, and lighthouse and sunset monthly.

There are also detailed descriptions from people who read the magazines, praising the paper stock, the weight of the magazines, and the bindings. The remaining 70 percent of each issue will be ads.

The content you’ve come to expect from Maine Media Collective is here, but there’s one major change from its flagship periodical: unlike Maine Magazine, Media: Maine Media’s Maine Media doesn’t approach its subject matter superficially.


12 thoughts on “Maine Media Collective’s Newest Magazine Is Just Photos of Its Other Magazines”

  1. Thank God they didn’t cut back on the number of ads. They do get the stove going better than anything.

  2. As long as their who’s who pages (of mostly staff) includes the publisher being all lecherous and creepy on every attractive women in his employ. Keeping it real!

  3. Do like the previous comment in regards to the mags usefulness in getting the stove burning. Expect Portlanders will find the mag useful as recycling material and will collect and bundle them according so as to decrease Portland’s carbon footprint.

  4. I see one of them is called MoxieMaine. Don’t anybody start any fires with that one, it might be a keeper, depends whether they like Moxie or are making fun of it!

    1. News flash! “Moxie Maine shares the empowering stories of Maine women, from educators and small business owners to artists and CEOs.” Evidently, this is a real magazine, who knew!

      1. Yeah, those women business owners are so cute — they’ve got moxie!

        Imagine that title on a magazine about male entrepreneurs.

  5. I understand that Maine Media is publishing an additional magazine containing not only a list of its own publications, but also a list of all other magazines containing lists of their other publications. This publication will be called: Maine Media’s Maine Media’s List of Maine media’s lists. It is understood that immediately upon publication of its first issue, Maine Media’s COO Andrea King will be taking a convalescent leave at The Maine Media Home for the Terminally Confused and Anxiously Overwrought.

  6. I hope their new womens magazine contains pieces written by the women that their “former” publisher has sexually harassed.

  7. Maine is due for a me too purge of its old creeps. There’s also the guy who runs the writers and publishers alliance with a history of dating teenage babysitters. It’s time to purge all those assholes.

  8. Ive heard rumors about their “former” publisher, and I believe the comments confirms it.It cant just end there…Thanks for posting this and Best Regards!

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