New Snowfall Delays Jack o’ Lantern Removal Once Again

Bath — Just when Maine’s weather looked like it was making a turn for the warmer, fresh snow arrived and covered up Russell Jackson’s Halloween Jack o’ Lantern once again.

Jackson, who carved the pumpkin with his daughter on October 25, said the decorative lantern didn’t make it to Halloween before it showed signs of decay.

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“The mouth started to sag and get all black around the edges,” he said. By November 15, it collapsed in on itself.

“Stunk wicked bad. I meant to get rid of it then but I guess I forgot.”

Distracted by the busy holiday season, Jackson was planning to get rid of the pumpkin when he took out the trash from Christmas, but the huge snow storm over the holiday pushed things back.

“I wasn’t about to dig it up under all that snow.”

The frigid temperatures further added to the delay, freezing the pumpkin’s mortal remains to the plastic patio chair on which it sits.

However, the mild spell just experienced by Maine freed it from the icy grasp, where it had been festering for months.

“I told the old lady another day or two of warm and I’d be able to scoop it right up,” he said, “but then it came off cold again and now it’s all covered up in snow. Oh well.”

This isn’t the first time Jackson has been unable to remove a pumpkin. Since his daughter was born eight years ago, he’s suffered some manner of delay.

“Usually by the time spring rolls around there’s nothing there. Squirrels take off with the seeds. Nature finds a way,” he said.

Unfortunately for Jackson, the squirrels don’t have the same interest in his Christmas wreaths, but he’s not too worried.

“They usually just fall down when we get a good spring storm,” he told us.



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  1. One year we had an Indian Corn display on our door for Thanksgiving. Blue jays finally took it down, but not before we answered the door to see who was knocking for about twenty times.

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