Jackman Town Government Unanimously Votes to Start Googling Future Job Applicants

Jackman — An emergency meeting of the Board of Selectmen resulted in the overwhelming agreement among members to do a little Googling in the future.

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“Yeah, wow, we did some Googling on one of our employees recently and like, 5 seconds into it we were all looking at each other,” one selectman said.

Another member of the town government agreed.

“Kind of awkward to see someone just putting all this crazy stuff out there, publicly, and we didn’t even think to do a quick search online of the dude’s name,” the person told us.

“Not that it’s a dude. I don’t want to give away any identifying information. We just happened to type someone’s name into Google when some questions about the person’s character were brought to our attention.”

Another member of the board wasn’t quite so guarded about the identity of the town employee.

“Let me just say, after we Googled the name, we did Nazi that coming, if you catch my drift.”

After several instances of the selectboard looking at one another speechlessly after seeing the Google results, everyone in attendance motioned to move the vote forward.

“It was extremely informal. I said ‘Motion to…’ and everyone started going ‘yeah, yeah, just write it in the record, definitely Googling future municipal job applicants,’ that kind of stuff.”

Unfortunately Google isn’t fool-proof, as the selectboard discovered.

“The employee in question deleted his Twitter account so there’s a lot of stuff we didn’t get to see.”



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