Robber Described Wearing Sweatshirt, Camo Hat and Rubber Boots Narrowed to 17,000 Possible Suspects

Hope — Police have a slew of new leads in an unsolved robbery case after releasing a description of the still at-large suspect.

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Surveillance video captured images of a 20-something man wearing an Under Armour hooded sweatshirt, a pair of ill-fitting jeans, rubber boots, possibly with a chinstrap beard.

A pair of polarizing orange-lens sunglasses were perched on the curled bill of a Mossy Oak-pattern baseball cap. A fish hook may or may not have been on the bill of the cap, but according to detectives the footage is too grainy to be certain.

“Just based off everything else, let’s go ahead and say, yeah, there’s probably a fish hook on there.”

After releasing the description, the sheriff’s office was inundated with phone calls naming men fitting that exact description.

“We definitely have no shortage of leads,” a spokesperson for the Knox County Sheriff’s Office said.

Detectives caught a break when they discovered a partially-full pack of cigarettes near the scene, believed to have fallen out of the suspect’s sweatshirt pocket.

“One of the cigarettes was turned upside down in the pack, a ‘lucky cigarette’ as it’s called,” the spokesperson said.

That information helped narrow the search down to only 12,000 potential suspects.



3 thoughts on “Robber Described Wearing Sweatshirt, Camo Hat and Rubber Boots Narrowed to 17,000 Possible Suspects”

  1. Look for some of them little empty bottles of Fireball near the scene and check ’em for fingerprints. Them things always end up on the ground someplace!

  2. They may have also had half a bottle of Allen’s on their person and been making ’brrrraaaaappp’ noises.

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