Maine’s Oldest Continually-Run Organic Farm Celebrates 6th Year of Operation

Madawaska — On the outskirts of town sits one of the most important sites in modern Maine agriculture, the Two Goose Organic Co-Operative Farm, founded this day all the way back in 2012.

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Started by a husband and wife team who relocated to the area from southern Maine, the farm has outlasted hundreds of other organic farming start-ups, and even outlasted the marriage of the two farmers who founded it.

“Hard to believe when we first came here, there was just an old house with a barn attached,” said Russell Chapman, co-owner of this historic organic farming landmark.

“A couple of apple trees, a small field, and that was pretty much it.”

But both Russell and ex-wife Angela Chapman were willing to put in the work to make the Two Goose Farm USDA certified organic.

“We spent a lot of time. A lot,” Angela said, recalling the sepia-toned memories of days of yore.

“We also spent a lot of money. Just staggering amounts.”

Was it worth it? Absolutely. The farm will be recognized in a small ceremony by the Maine Organic Farmers and Growers Association for its incredible streak.

“It’s rare to see a farm started and not abandoned, or signed over to a hired manager, after a few years,” Russell said with pride.

But it’s all worth it for the Chapmans, who say they may have lost a marital bond, but they gained a mountain of debt.

“We lose about $3-4 on every chicken we raise,” Russell said.


3 thoughts on “Maine’s Oldest Continually-Run Organic Farm Celebrates 6th Year of Operation”

  1. “Raising a mountain of debt” takes a lot of work. I’m glad to see they’re getting a reward for it.

  2. Pretty funny. By the way our orchard is actually the oldest certified and still operating organic Orchard in Maine! Soils-up organic. No chemicals or pesticides ever.

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