Report: Mémé Needs You to Hook Up the Wii for Your Cousins

Fort Kent — Your little cousins are coming to visit and need something to keep them entertained, according to sources familiar with the matter.

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“We unhooked it after the last time they left because your uncle couldn’t figure out what channel to use to watch television,” Mémé is reported to have said.

The Wii was purchased originally for you and your sister to use, but you both outgrew it, according to the report. However, Mémé didn’t want to throw it away because it was “still good.”

Sources say Mémé is pleased to have something in the house your cousins will want to use, since cell phone coverage at her house isn’t very good and her internet is barely fast enough for Netflix.

Mémé is hoping you could come over before church and then give her a ride to the store after you finish hooking up the Wii. The report quotes Mémé as believing hooking up the Wii will take “a couple hours,” more than enough time for her to attend Sunday worship.

Your cousins, 12 and 15, have told Mémé they play a game called “Fortnite,” with sources reporting she hopes you can pick it up at a Red Box before you come over. She will pay you back.

Both your cousins are spending two days with Mémé, so she is reportedly hoping all goes well, although she was heard saying she thinks she might have given the cords to the church flea market in a box with all the old DirecTV remotes and cables.




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