Maine BMV Warns State Could Run Out of Obscene License Plates as Soon as 2021

Augusta — Officials with the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles said at the current pace of adoption, all possible swear words will be claimed by 2021.

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“That’s a conservative estimate,” BMV official Matthew Terrio said. “With as much as Mainers love to swear, we could see all possible curse words and combinations on Maine vehicles as early as the end of this year.”

Terrio stressed that was the worst-case scenario, but there’s still reason for concern.

“It seems like a far-off future date, but 2021 is just three years from now.”

While Maine law doesn’t allow obscene words to be spelled out on the plates, residents are free to express themselves with clever, deliberate misspellings of words and phrases.

“So you have your FKURSLF, your GETFUKT, A55HOLE, these sorts of plates, and they’re proliferating at an unbelievable pace,” Terrio said.

“But then people have FKUR5LF, GETFUCT, and ASSH0L3,” he added.

“I saw a G3TFUKT earlier today in Gardiner parked next to a GETFKT. It’s really out of control.”

With officials now estimating 9 out of 10 Mainer’s have obscene license plates, the BMV is scrambling to find a solution before we reach peak-obscenity.

“We might have to add another possible letter to the Maine plates, but that presents problems of its own,” Terrio said. Eventually those will run out, as well, which means more letters will need to be added.

“Before you know it, you’ll see a plate that says CUT UP N TOASTY.”

Image from Reddit user Vitkop

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11 thoughts on “Maine BMV Warns State Could Run Out of Obscene License Plates as Soon as 2021”

  1. I’m sorry my vehicle offends you. But don’t you think there’s more worrying things going on like drugs and killings to worry about me having bu7s3ks on my plate?

    1. Having bu7s3ks on your plate is unsanitary, and is no way to treat your dishware. If you must, do it on the table and Lysol it afterwards.

  2. It didn’t take long on the BMV site to conclude that this is FAKE NEWS. There are some pretty good ones out there still : )

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