Modern Day Herodotus Talks About His 1987 Tournament Game at Every Opportunity

Islesboro — Roy Macias is keeping the long tradition of oral history alive and well, telling anyone who’ll listen about the time he was on the team when they went to the state basketball tournament his freshman year.

“Oh, it was killer,” he’ll say, recalling that magical day in 1987 when the Class D Islesboro boys’ basketball team went into the tournament as the eighth-seed.

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“I’ll never forget it as long as I live. People were screaming, hollering, just pumped up!” the historian says, sprinkling the academic pursuit of historical record with a healthy dose of descriptive language, as has been the case with oral histories for millennia.

“When we left, the fire department was there to the boat to see us off,” he recalls. Many of the town’s residents were also on the boat, headed to see that historic team get knocked out in the first round in an utter and complete blowout.

“Terry Rooney was the only senior that year, that guy was amazing! He put up almost half our points,” Macias said. Rooney still holds the Islesboro school record for most points scored in a tournament game for the decade of the 1980s, with 13 that year.

But Macias’ story isn’t only about the town and its basketball team. It’s a story about himself, as well.

“Coach put me in near the end of the game, and I was tuned up to play in the tournament,” he remembers. Records show he played for 32 seconds in the last 2 minutes, when the score was 112-33.

“Dude, no shit, I almost dunked. No lie. I would have made it but this wicked huge guy from the other team fouled me before I could get off the ground, but they didn’t even call it,” he said.

While Macias may be talented historian, other people he knows don’t feel the same way.

“Jesus Christ, in Class D they let 8th graders play on the high school teams, and he was only in 8th grade that year, in spite of what he’ll tell you. And that’s literally the peak of his entire life,” said one of his former teammates.


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