Singer Don Henley Blown Away by All the Deadhead Stickers on Cadillacs in Maine

Portland — Founding member of the Eagles and successful solo artist Don Henley visited Maine and encountered an unusually high number of Deadhead stickers on expensive vehicles.

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“When I wrote ‘Boys of Summer,’ I tossed that line about seeing a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac to point out how even the mainstays of counter-culture gain mainstream acceptance,” he said.

“But I saw it maybe once? And it was in LA in the ’80s. But here in Maine, not only did I see a dozen stickers, I saw a couple Grateful Dead related vanity license plates.”

Henley was also surprised by the number of people wearing tie-dyed clothing.

“These weren’t hippies. They seemed to be regular people. I saw a guy in a tie-dyed Red Sox sweatshirt. It was very confusing to me, Don Henley, former member of The Eagles.”

The Grateful Dead, a psychedelic rock group who lost founding member Jerry Garcia in the mid-90s, is well represented in the state.

“One sticker was a steal-your-face but instead of a dancing bear in the skull, or a lightning bolt, it was just a map of the state of Maine? I didn’t really understand that one. The Cadillac it was on also had a ‘World’s Greatest Nana’ bumper sticker.”

So many Cadillacs with Grateful Dead stickers was the second-most shocking sticker-related thing Henley saw.

“This is Maine, but I saw a bunch of Confederate flag stickers for some reason? A little voice inside my head said: ‘Don’t look back, you can never look back.'”



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