Fashion Faux Pas: Gentlemen Showed Up to Super Bowl Party Wearing the Same Player’s Jersey

Auburn — In an absolutely embarrassing turn of events at a social gathering last night, two young men arrived wearing the jersey of the same player. 

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“I’d been planning on attending that Super Bowl gathering since the start of the social season,” said Randy Pease.

“Imagine my horror when I arrived and saw someone also wearing the number 12 Tom Brady jersey I spent all day picking out.”

His jersey doppelganger, Travis Smith, was also wearing a Brady jersey, although thankfully it was an away-game color scheme.

“Needless to say, even though our colors were different, I was still quite mortified among the other dignified ladies and gentleman at our soiree.”

The two dapper gents made the best of an embarrassing situation, posing together for photos shown in this mornings society pages with a dryly humorous caption.

“While we left the party with a sense of disappointment, both in the outcome of the game and in our unfortunate choice of outfit, we still found ourselves lifted by the bonds of friendship,” Smith said.

Pease agreed. “It was a splendid night none the less. I made a new friend, and we’ll laugh about this one long after the tears from the Patriots’ loss have dried.”



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