Rough Country Suspension Sticker Most Valuable Part of Truck

Milo — Independent appraisers determined┬áKevin Osgood’s GMC Sierra pickup is entirely devoid of value, with one exception.

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“The 35-inch Rough Country Suspension Systems decal, which retails $5.95 on the Rough Country website, is the most valuable single component of the pickup,” the appraisal report read.

The tires, rims, windows, seats, engine, bumper, and all other pieces of the vehicle are, when broken down into individual components “worth less than scrap metal due to an exorbitant amount of rust along with other corrosion and decay.”

“We estimate the scrap value of the truck at around two to three hundred dollars, with our without the Rough Country sticker.”

The sticker was purchased in spite of the fact the truck doesn’t have, and never has had, any Rough Country parts at all.

“They got some lightbars I was thinking about but I’m going to wait until my taxes come back,” Osgood said.

The Sierra has almost 200,000 miles but still “lays a mean patch, guy.”

“She don’t look like it but she’s got some nut,” he said.

Osgood purchased the sticker first, with the intention of upgrading to a Rough Country suspension at the end of last summer, but his funds dried up before he had the chance.

“Bunch of stuff went down, my old lady left, took all my seedlings so I’ve had to buy all my weed,” he explained. “Ended up broke’s a joke.”

While appraisers value the Rough Country sticker at $5.95, an inspection sticker, usually costing $12.50, was not part of the valuation.

“That sticker might have ran out,” Osgood laughed.


4 thoughts on “Rough Country Suspension Sticker Most Valuable Part of Truck”

  1. It looks like this pickup is owned by one who travels the road of good intentions. Now, where does that go to, again?

  2. Yo Seth bro…
    Are you saying … that because my ’74 Subi can’t lay no patch… that it aint got no Nut?

  3. What about that trailer ball? If it’s a 2-inch one, I’d give him a couple bucks for it for a spare. (If it’s 1 7/8 Inch, then forget it!)

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