Inspiring: This Rumford Man Is Only 5’4″ But He’ll Fight Anybody

Rumford — Albert “Peanut” Theriault doesn’t believe in labels. That’s why he shatters people’s preconceived notions as much as he claims he shatters people’s face with his fists.

Theriault is a full five inches below average when it comes to height, but when it comes to fight, this little guy is off the charts.

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“Oh, Peanut? That kid is mean,” said friend Kevin Eaton. “He’s like a chihuahua, always barking at everyone. I see him try and start fights basically every weekend.”

Theriault was always the smallest in his grade, something the other kids made fun of.

“Yeah dude, we used to give him hell. He was always running his mouth, trying to start something. He was scrawny as hell, too. So we messed him up. Wedgies all the time, nipple rips, just picked on him.”

Eaton said Theriault did fill out some in 10th grade.

“Then he just started lifting weights all the time. Got wicked annoying about it. I guess he thought if he pumped enough iron he’d get taller?”

“Anyone wants to give me the stink eye, that’s how it starts,” Theriault said.

“People are lucky I have good friends,” he added, telling us “soon as I get ready to drop a dude, my buddies come and pull me away. They know what I’m capable of.”

“Friggin Peanut, dude, he’ll walk up to the biggest guy and just start staring at him. Weirds people out, so we grab him and settle him down,” Eaton said.

While Theriault hasn’t been in a fight in his adult life, he knows he’d win.

“I almost went into the Marines, dude.”


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