Helpful Lobsterman Lends a Neighborly Hand by Hauling Other People’s Traps

Stonington — People here in this quiet fishing village are so friendly, one man will even take it on himself to haul other people’s traps when they aren’t around.

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Neighbors have plenty to say about the man, who’s about as close to as celebrity as you’re likely to find in a town of 1,100 people.

“Yeah, I know him. We all do. Slick as a slime eel,” said one admirer, who wished to remain nameless.

The helpful lobsterman, in spite of his local fame, prefers to keep to himself, refusing to answer our phone calls. He’s as bashful as he is helpful.

Some of his fans said we could hear him on the VHF “being ignorant,” a joyful poke at their favorite neighbor.

The lobsterman is almost like a magic, shoe-cobbling elf from the old children’s tale. No one sees him doing his work, but the signs are all there.

“Yeah, it’s awesome, haul up a string, totally empty, not so much as a friggin’ star fish. Real time saver,” said one lucky lobsterman who’d been touched by the magic of friendship.

When he isn’t out lending a hand to help his fellow fisherman finish their longs days just a bit earlier, he’s back on shore, helping in other ways.

“Some guys leave the house out the front door, that fella will waltz in the back door.”

In other words, he’s so considerate, he even visits lobsterman’s wives when they aren’t around to keep them from getting worried.



9 thoughts on “Helpful Lobsterman Lends a Neighborly Hand by Hauling Other People’s Traps”

  1. haha At least he is being helpful, like a certain Mass scuba diver who “helps” himself to Mass lobster traps. We told him not to do that, and told him what they’d do to him if they caught him… but he is stubborn. 🙂

  2. Dear Author,
    Accusing any one of being a trap hauler is NO JOKE! It is a good way to get someone shot! There are some people who don’t realize that your site is a spoof site and will take this quite seriously! This is not a funny article and could end up causing great damage to someone or their business. I am sure that this was not your intention however it could happen! We take someone else hauling our traps extremely seriously. The have wonderful wardens who police our areas vigilantly to insure our safety and make sure that any trouble makers are caught. Please be more careful in the future about the ramifications of your articles.

    1. Jeez, lighten up Capt. Julie,, it was a funny article…. are you trying to say no one in Stonington ever jokes about lobstering misdeeds, including stealing, or cutting or god knows what?

      1. I have seen a lot of truly funny things that have happened in my 31 years of lobstering however, NEVER once has Illegal trap hauling been one of them.

    2. Who is going to take this story seriously?

      Satire is about making fun of real life events. Nobody claimed it wasn’t a serious issue. But we can also laugh about someone making fun of it in an over the top way.

      Kids using devices too much is a serious problem but I would still laugh if there was a story here about it, making fun of parents like me who allow it to happen.

    1. I agree that you need to go get the stick pulled out of your ass.

      This is satire. If you don’t like it, go read the Bangor Daily News. There you can get the truth, and some laughs.

  3. A true inspiration! We should all aspire to be as helpful as this man. I, personally, am going to start hauling other people’s traps in his honor.

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