Pre-Owned Priuses Now Include Bernie 2016 Stickers at No Extra Cost

Statewide — If you’re thinking of getting a used car, you might want to consider a pre-owned Toyota Prius. Now every used Prius in Maine comes with a “Bernie Sanders 2016” sticker already attached.

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“Honestly, it’s a time saving measure,” said auto dealer Matt Black Sr.

“Roughly 90-95% of the used Priuses coming onto the lot already have some manner of Bernie Sanders sticker on them,” Black said.

“We found customers were more likely to buy them if we just left them on there,” he said. Soon the practice went statewide.

“It’s a great way to show people you’re the real deal,” Black said.

“People trade these cars in all the time for the newer versions, so for a lot of people, not owning a Prius during the 2016 election cycle makes them feel left out.”

Black is proud to have been the first dealer in the state of Maine to offer pre-owned Bernie Stickers.

“If, on the extremely rare chance, the used Prius doesn’t already have one, we slap one on there at no extra cost. We have tons of ‘Feel the Bern’ stickers.”

As successful as the program has been, statewide implementation has eaten into Black’s profits. But he has a plan.

“Going forward, all used Subarus come with a free ‘I’m With Her’ sticker, and all pick-up trucks we sell come with a free MAGA hat.”








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  1. I’m currently traveling the state as a public service showing Prius owners where to find the accelerator in their cars.

  2. I plan to keep my Prius until the battery wears out and then trade it for something of equal value such as instructions on how to build a Mongolian Yurt or a book on tye dying underwear.

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