Best Snowmobile Jacket Brought Out Only for Church, Other Special Occasions

Rangeley — When Raymond Nuttall wants to look presentable, he knows his daily-wear snowmobile jacket just isn’t going to cut it.

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“When I go to church, I want to look nice,” he said. That’s why he has one special snowmobile jacket he only wears when he dresses up.

“I have the one I wear out to grab something at the store or whatever. It’s my dress-up jacket from three years ago,” he said.

Nuttall also has a snowmobile jacket earmarked only for work wear.

“That one’s old as hell. If it gets tore up, nothing to it,” he said. He originally bought his work snowmobile jacket in 2008 to wear as his dress jacket, but retired it at the end of the winter. After spilling a small amount of gas on the sleeve, he relegated it to work status.

“Sometimes I swap it out for one of my work Carhartts, depending on the job and weather,” he said.

“Then there’s my other snowmobile jacket. That ones just for when I go out snowmobiling.”

Nuttall has several units of the same pieces of clothing, all for specific uses.

“These are my dress-up boots, these are my work boots, these are the ones I wear out in the spring when it gets all muddy, and I got a couple more in the closet for back-up,” he said of his multiple pairs of the same-brand and style workboots.

Nuttall is quite proud of his dress jacket, telling us when the time comes, he’s instructed his wife to make sure he’s buried in it.

“That’s how my father was laid to rest,” he said.



2 thoughts on “Best Snowmobile Jacket Brought Out Only for Church, Other Special Occasions”

  1. Can’t be wearing your good jacket and have some grease monkey at VIP bumping into you and getting it all stoved up. Getting my new Cat next year….gonna dust all you Polaris loving snow bunny’s

  2. I know exactly how Raymond Nuttall feels. I used to buy a pair of Dexter Acadia work boots every year. The new pair I’d keep clean, and the previous year’s boots became work boots. Even got to the point where I had two pairs of boots for work so’s I could give them a day off after wearing ’em. (Prolongs the life of the leather that way.) When I’d put on my clean pair for a night out on the town, my wife would say, “Them’s your GOOD shit-kickers!”

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