Single Bangor PD Facebook Post to be Adapted Into 12-hour HBO Series

Los Angeles, CA — Cable network HBO has paid an undisclosed amount of money to the city of Bangor for the rights to adapt one of the police departments famous Facebook posts.

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“Home Box Office, with its long history of original program, is delighted to work with the Bangor police department on a 12 part original series based on one single post,” the press release accompanying the announcement said.

The Bangor Police Department Facebook account was first thrust into the national spotlight by television personality Mike Rowe, best known as the host of Dirty Jobs.

Rowe wrote he enjoyed waking up each morning, opening his computer, and spending the next 5-6 hours reading the latest post.

HBO says the new show, titled “Duck of Justice,” will follow the events of a single day’s post, although no post has been chosen at this time.

“With posts coming in at thousands and thousands of words, we have plenty of room to adapt for an original series.”

While HBO has plenty to work with, other problems arise from the work of adapting the posts into live-action.

“Fitting a single post into a 12-hour miniseries is going to require some heavy omissions. We hope fans of the Bangor PD Facebook understand we simply can’t put an entire post worth of content into 12 episodes.”


9 thoughts on “Single Bangor PD Facebook Post to be Adapted Into 12-hour HBO Series”

  1. What will the Bangor PD do with their monetary windfall? I hope they can use it to inspire our youth in some way!

  2. Maybe they can save the money for when it is needed, just because you have a little money doesn’t mean you have to spend it

  3. Sergeant Cotton has done the Bangor PD, surrounding community AND the State of Maine a tremendous service. He has represented all so very well. The powers that be would do well to enlist His perspective on the best use of that blessing.

  4. /\ Yes. Because this is what law enforcement really SHOULD be doing. Famewhoring on social media. Crime? WHAT crime? It’s Bangor after all. Yeah, we don’t want our cops out there on the risky streets. Keep them inside, typing away in hopes of getting a mention on a cable show. *eye roll*

    1. Actually, Sgt Cotton is doing EXACTLY what he should be doing which is called Community Policing and using Social Media as part of the platform with which to spread the message. And he is doing a great job with it and bringing the necessary attention as needed.

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