NASCAR Fan Disappointed to Find ‘3’ Vanity Plate Already Taken

Stueben — Gerald Fornier is the first to tell you he’s a huge stock car racing fan, which is why his search for a fitting vanity plate has caused him so much anguish.

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“I figured I’d get a number plate in honor of the Intimidator himself, Dale Earnhardt,” Fornier said. However, after visiting the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicle website, his search turned up only disappointment.

“I like to keep it simple. It’s what we always used to say in the Navy, ‘keep it simple, stupid,'” he laughed. But his desire to keep it simple became no laughing matter.

“I searched for every damn type of plate out there, even the agricultural ones the yuppies have, and not one of them had number 3 as an available plate,” he told us.

Fornier even checked plates for which he is ineligible, such as wounded veteran and Wabanaki nation plates, all to no avail.

“It’s heart breaking,” he said. “How can I honor the memory of one of the most dominating figures in sporting history if I can’t get his number on my plate?”

Fornier, who has a large number 3 sticker on his back windshield, as well as a leather Dale Earnhardt Sr. jacket, a license plate border reading “Dale Sr.” and dozens of Dale Earnhardt Sr. pieces of merchandise in his home, thinks there may be two factors at play here.

“My first guess is those liberals in Augusta don’t like racing fans so they won’t let anyone have the number,” he said.

However, he feels the real reason is far less conspiratorial.

“Honestly, there’s probably just a lot of fans out there who got to the number 3 license plate first.”


3 thoughts on “NASCAR Fan Disappointed to Find ‘3’ Vanity Plate Already Taken”

  1. Why don’t he just get a life-size #3 Maine license plate tattoo on his back or chest or something? Plus he wouldn’t have to pay nothing to re-register it every year!

  2. Hey Gerry, i checked with the DMV for ya there dude and “THREEE” is available. Its special cuz it’s got the extra “E” there ya know for Earnhaaadt. Better get it ‘fore its gone kid.

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