LL Bean Introduces New Extra-Long-Front Jeans

Freeport — Now that LL Bean is finally able to keep up with production of the winter’s hottest boots, the company is looking to strike gold again with its latest, super-long front lady’s jeans.

“With a front 45% longer than our current longest-front jeans, these are sure to impress whether you’re running errands, sitting in front of a crackling fire, or hanging out with friends,” the company announced in a press release.

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The jeans are inspired by founder Leon Leonwood Bean’s own attempts to lengthen the front of women’s jeans during Prohibition. Sadly, Bean was never able to fully lengthen them due to constraints in the jean lengthening technology of the day.

“With modern methods, we’re able to make our founder’s dream a reality,” the company said, adding “it’s the LL Bean way to find modern ways to bring back classic ideas.”

“Fans of our already long-fronted jeans are sure to enjoy the sound of the extra long zipper as it slowly opens and closes.”

The zipper is a modified version of the zipper used on Bean’s famous “blanket jackets,” a warm, long jacket that makes people look like shapeless duvet covers as they move about the state during the cold and dreary winter.

The pants join other new items including the Just Too Short Winter Coat and Extra High Water Jeans for Men.


11 thoughts on “LL Bean Introduces New Extra-Long-Front Jeans”

  1. This will be especially nice as they have agreed to expand their plus size line as well up to size 30 W to accommodate the Maine BBW. With your finger on the pulse of news as it happens I hope to read about Walmart’s ban on people shopping in pajamass and the new trend of adopting a pothole

  2. Do the long Front jeans come with bra clips rather than belt loops? A belt that high would cause some serious interference with a woman’s breast comfort. I think!

    1. I think the idea is to flatten the breasts as much as possible to get the very trendy “not sure if it is a man or a woman” look that a lot of Maine Schooner girls have been trying to achieve for several decades. I myself have ordered a couple pairs for my friend Pat. Well done LL Bean.

  3. The “Great Stone Face” is the true name of former “Old Man of the Mountains”. I’ve seen quite a few gals up in those mountains who might like the jeans and who may also consider who really sat for the stone carver.

  4. Following LL Bean’s great success with their fashionable Chairman Mao quilted winter jackets, I would have expected the follow up to be quilted pants.

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