Maine Weather Facebook Meme Clearly Stolen From Michigan

Lewiston — A recent image shared to social media platform Facebook is suspected of being originally intended for Michigan and not Maine.

The meme, showing a snowed-out highway and the caption “some people call it a snow storm, but in Maine we call it a Tuesday,” appears to have originated as a Michigan weather meme.

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Facebook users became suspicious when they saw the word “Maine” was on a white block in Comic Sans, while the rest of the meme was written in white Impact.

Most boiler plate memes use white Impact, with very few using Comic Sans save for ironic purposes.

Another clue came from the photo itself, which shows a sign for Detroit. While seemingly damning, it’s not conclusive, since there is a Detroit, ME.

The exit sign, however, provides the best clue as to the origin of this meme: the exit is for Lansing. Maine does not have a Lansing, but Michigan has both a Detroit and a Lansing, making the meme almost certainly intended to describe Michigan weather.

However, it may be retaliation for a suspected theft of a Maine weather meme. Earlier, when temperatures reached record highs, a meme showing two gentlemen in summer clothes floating on a chunk of ice with the caption “People In Maine Be Like: High of 60 Degrees Today” circulated social media.

One eagle-eyed Mainer with a friend in Michigan spotted the same photo in a meme, with “Michigan” replacing “Maine.”

International tensions rose in a similar incident where a photo of Luke Skywalker riding a tauntaun in Empire Strikes back was apparently stolen from Maine. A Nova Scotia man shared the photo with the caption “I’m just going out to Atlantic Superstore, anyone need anything,” where “Atlantic Superstore” replaced “Hannafords.”


7 thoughts on “Maine Weather Facebook Meme Clearly Stolen From Michigan”

  1. Peter – the coverage they provide is essential as you don’t find these stories in the Pressed Herald or the BDN…or even the Kennebunkport Post…with Herring Chokers poised on our border, we need to keep informed.

  2. Did you know that Maine has a Buffalo? A couple ladies driving there from NYC didn’t and got lost following their GPS, where Buffalo, ME comes alphabetically ahead of Buffalo, New York. I had to give them directions. I don’t know how you get that lost but it happened. When they got there, their GPS said “you are at your destination” and all they saw were trees. They were a bit confused. Anyway.

    1. Or how ’bout the time some folks from away drove all the way up to Springfield in Penobscot County lookin’ fer Marge and Homer Simpson?

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