Stoner Comes to Startling Realization ‘TOS’ Stands for ‘Top of Sugarloaf’

Appleton — Kevin Bouchard had his mind blown during a long block of only the best of today’s hardest rock and yesterday’s favorites when he realized WTOS’ call letters describe the location of its broadcast tower.

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“Me and the boys at work had a couple burbly gurglies, and Tom-O and Mister Mike was on,” Bouchard explained. He works with a local landscaping company, clearing trees and brush during the winter months.

“Anyway, before we started, Tubby brought out some of his shatter,” he said, a substance which, after smoked, left Bouchard “right crispy, bub.”

After the buzz set in, the station identification aired and Bouchard’s mind was able to unravel a mystery that had been hiding in plain sight.

“It was like, I don’t know, a puzzle getting put together or something,” he said.

“When that announcer dude was like ‘from the top of Sugarloaf, this is the Mountain, 105 WTOS,’ I was like ‘holy shit.'”

Bouchard, after several attempts, managed to explain the connection to his similarly baked co-workers.

“Dude, we about died, that’s no shit. Tubby just started staring, about drooled on himself, it was hilarious.”

Bouchard credits the shatter with giving him the extra perception.

“Guys like Socrates, you know they smoked, because they came up with all that philosophy stuff. Same with Einstein. He smoked a bowl every day,” he said.

After the revelation, a block of Disturbed helped ease the crew into a long day of chainsaw work.


12 thoughts on “Stoner Comes to Startling Realization ‘TOS’ Stands for ‘Top of Sugarloaf’”

  1. Fun fact. Tom O and Mr Mike are the longest radio duo in the state. 20 years ago when I was in high school I tried to find them on top of Sugerloaf (no luck) They were broadcasting from skowhegan at the time.

    1. Mt. Hope in Sanford, during the days that 92.1 FM was WPHX-FM (I believe it was owned by the same company that published the Boston Phoenix, Providence Phoenix, and the original publishers of the Portland Phoenix.

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