Facebook Founder Returns to Maine for More Practice Acting Human

Millinocket —¬†Artificial intelligence entity Mark Zuckerberg is back in Maine, re-visiting the same people and locations as the last time he made the trip.

Computer scientists say the trip is designed to test improvements to the Mark Zuckerberg human interaction algorithm.

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Chief Zuckerberg programmer Terry Wu said the Zuckerberg is rapidly becoming advanced enough to trick people into believing he’s a human being.

“Almost,” Wu laughed.

“We still have a long way to go before people interact with Zuckerberg and come away thinking he’s a living, breathing, human being capable of emotion.”

Last time Zuckerberg, model v0.4307, visited Maine, residents were impressed by his life-like skin and hair, but when he began to talk, the illusion of a human being quickly disappeared.

“Our biggest obstacle is making Zuckerberg’s programming emulate empathy and care in a convincing way.”

One of the biggest complaints about the Zuckerberg project is its emotions are expressed in a rote and meaningless way, almost like the AI is reading from a simple, bulleted list of responses.

“It’s much more advanced than simple if-then statements, but it comes off as such,” Wu said.

An early version of the Zuckerberg AI founded Facebook during its test phase at Harvard. The story would later be adapted into a film written by another artificial intelligence, this one designed to generate hacky dialogue, known as the Sorkinbot 3000.


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  1. From what I understand, some of his lovable personality was created after having been “touched” in one of his frontal lobes while fencing at an early age. Will be interesting to see if ultimately all the information collected on Facebook is utilized for a “Monster Face Mash” at the end of the trail – something that should definitely make the front cover of Vanity Fair. Good luck Maniacs should you encounter him…

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