Storm to Drop 2-3 Feet of Snow, Says Facebook Friend Who Finds Worst Forecast Possible

Augusta — Wednesday’s winter storm is expected to be one for the records, according to a friend on Facebook who spends all day looking for the most apocalyptic weather models.

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“Expect winds as high as 70-80 mph with gust[sic] over 100,” reads the report on a site called True Weather Natural Remedies Health Science Reports.

The site, which has several hyphens and a ‘.biz’ top-level domain, currently has the most violent and dangerous report of all the weather models currently being shared on Facebook.

While the byline reads “Staff Writre [sic],” the author of the blog post is credited simply as ‘dan.’

“Expect snow totals of 24-36 inches, with heavy blowing and downed pouwire [sic] outages,” the report warns.

Most other weather models paint a grim picture, with huge swaths of Maine expected to get 10-18 inches of snow. But none of the models come close to the terror forewarned in the True Weather Natural Remedies Health Science Report weather forecast.

The report, which currently has over 20,000 shares, is not affiliated with any weather forecasting service, and has several links to Herbalife supplements embedded in the body of the text.

At the close of the report, readers are reminded of how rapidly the weather can change, and are encouraged to read up on Bitcoin investment opportunities.



6 thoughts on “Storm to Drop 2-3 Feet of Snow, Says Facebook Friend Who Finds Worst Forecast Possible”

    1. True dat. Why, we always walked to school during the 2-3 ft snowstorms. They never cancelled school on account of snow.

      1. Yup – even in upstate NY where the weather is at least 50 times worse, school was only cancelled in the most extreme storms, if then.

    2. I was there for the 1968 (69?) blizzard and in Massachusetts for the ’78.
      You’re right: everything since then is an annoyance.

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