Report: Best Offer Still Not Made on Lot of 7,500 Adult VHS Cassettes in Uncle Henry’s

Medford — In spite of the promise of ‘excellent condition,’ a cache of adult video cassettes being offered in the Miscellaneous section of Uncle Henry’s Swap It or Sell It guide remain unsold.

The cassettes, including “classics, odd, newer ’90s” pornographic movies, have been in the weekly trading guide since 1994. The price remains at $5-10 per tape, “OBO” on the entire lot.

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While the ad has remained a staple of the magazine, it has done so without changing its copy until 2007, when the words “NO DVDS!!” were added.

The Uncle Henry’s guide contains thousands of items for sale, trade, or barter, but video cassettes have seen a substantial decline in popularity.

“There was a little while there when everyone was trying to sell those stupid Disney tapes because some Facebook crap said they were worth a bunch of money,” said NPD Group Uncle Henry’s analyst Jean Pierre.

“In all our time following Uncle Henry’s, we’ve seen technology come and go, but the huge pile of VHS porno somewhere in Medford seems not to sell,” Pierre said.

“We thought it was a mistake, but we called the number and after about 20 rings, someone picked up and verified the tapes are still up for sale.”

No one can figure out where or why a single person would be in possession of such an impressive stock of pornography.

“We figure it was someone who used to run a video store and it went out of business,” Pierre said.

“But we also think it might just be some real creep who really loved watching porno on tapes.”

Both the video store hypothesis and the creep hypothesis are equally likely, Pierre said.


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  1. No wonder! Wrong category! They should be in “Home Entertainment” or “Free for the Taking”! Then they’ll disappear!!

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