Winters Worse, Drugs Better in ’70s, Says Maine Historian

Lewiston — According to Baby Boomer Brian Plourde, the golden age of Maine passed us by over 40 years ago.

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Plourde, who works professionally as a house painter, only counts himself as an amateur historian, but he says that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know a thing or two about history, especially 1970s history.

“Yeah man, drugs back then were way, way better. The pot was better, I swear to god. People say it’s better now but it isn’t. Same with the LSD and the coke. Oh god, the coke!”

While all narcotics were better, according to Plourde, winters were much, much worse.

“I remember when you could skate in the end of September. We had a snowball fight on the last day of school one time. No lie, man.”

He also says in spite of health risks, lead paint was better, too.

“That stuff held up. You can’t even compare this new crap. It’s terrible. We knew not to eat it, you got smacked if you did something like that.”

Plourde also says cars, music, parties, Maine, and summers were better in the 1970s.

“We didn’t have all these screens. When I was in high school, we went outside. Kids today, they just sit there with their Xbox and their phone. It’s sad. We had fun back then!”

Plourde’s criminal record in the 1970s was also much better.

“Friggin OUIs, are you kidding me? No cop would ever think of pulling you over if you had a few in the ’70s.”



5 thoughts on “Winters Worse, Drugs Better in ’70s, Says Maine Historian”

  1. Aw shit man.. Plourde’s right.
    Why I can remember doing dressage in the front yard at 2 pm with a Bud lite in one hand, Zeplin loud and laughing in my ’62 Nova wagon. Great.

    And I remember the morning after a big one trying to wind up a 5 inch reel to reel of the Doors… which happened to roll down the back stairs .. without even getting a twist. Good times man. Peace!

    1. Pot was SO MUCH BETTER in the 70s. Even cheap ass Mexican. We may have gotten seeds and stems in our 3-4 finger bags, but the pot was great! I’ve been a med patient for 3 years, haven’t found any yet comparable!

  2. Sex and drugs and rock and roll
    Is all my brain and body need
    Sex and drugs and rock and roll
    Are very good indeed

    Ian Dury (1977)

  3. Picture not Maine it is Southboro Massachusetts rt 495 overpass of rt 9 after the blizzard of 78, I was stuck in this spot for several hours but managed to escape. Cars were better then my Chevette was so light pulling it out of drifts was easy now my big Mercedes won’t even make it out of my driveway.

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