Red Dog, Honey Brown, Finally Eligible for Maine’s Underage Drinking Hall of Fame

Augusta — The induction committee for Maine’s Underage Drinking Hall of Fame announced two favorites from the 1990s are now eligible for consideration.

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Red Dog, an American-style lager introduced by the Miller Brewing company, and J.W. Dundee Honey Brown lager from the Dundee Brewing company, have both reached eligibility status.

Both are expected to be added to the Hall of Fame in a ceremony next year.

“Oh hell yes dude,” said 37 year-old Kevin Beal of Dennysville.

“My buddy’s uncle used to buy us Red Dog and we’d get tore right up my sophomore year out in this field behind my other buddy’s house,” he remembered fondly.

“He’d charge us an arm and a leg but we just wanted to get wasted so we didn’t give a frig. Sometimes he had a little weed, too.”

Donna Boucher fondly recalled times when she would enjoy Honey Brown with her friends as a freshman in 1995 at Livermore Falls High School.

“Jesus Christ didn’t we get right cuckered,” she said.

“Had a little sweetness to it, but still tasted like beer. Tasted almost as good coming back up,” she told us.

Both Beal and Boucher were excited to learn Red Dog and Honeybrown were still being made.

“Holy shit dude, Friday plans are set,” Beal laughed. “I remember, if you looked at the bulldog on the can upside down it looked like Batman going down on a lady. Hilarious.”

Beal said he plans to call up his friend “Nubby” to get lit this weekend like they used to back in the day.

Zima will be inducted in a ceremony later this year.



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  1. Busch bar bottles, 10 bucks a case. That shit was terrible. Drank the hell out of it though..

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