First Salmon Shorts Spotted Migrating to Summer Spawning Grounds

Penobscot River — March can sometimes make winter feel like it’s permanent, but biologists reported seeing one of the surest signs of summer during a routine check of the river.

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Salmon shorts, a common sight during Maine’s summer months, were seen migrating from their winter homes in Connecticut and New York to their summer homes in Maine.

“We see several very small, very early migrations each year,” chief biologist Karen Jones said.

“The earliest ones come to make sure the summer homes are ready, check on things, and then head back until after Memorial Day.”

The salmon shorts move up the coast and migrate just a few miles inland.

“It’s extremely rare to see salmon shorts too far from the coast,” Jones said.

As summer’s pace quickens, so does the migration of salmon shorts. Wildlife lovers often spot long rows of them lined up neatly at their feeding grounds at Red’s Eats in Wiscassett.

“Often they stop there for sustenance and then continue up Route 1 into Camden and the islands of Penobscot Bay.”

Very rarely, biologists will see salmon shorts as far east as Jonesport or as deep inland as Millinocket.

“Those are extremely unusual and often times lost.”

Locals along Maine’s coast are among the first to report the salmon shorts migrations. One North Haven resident said “they come earlier and stay later every goddamn year.”


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  1. Bobby Jayus.. thats good news. Cuz you caint have our near sacred “Toast the Tail-light” good riddance party in Sept. with Allan brandy… if the salmon shorted .. whale embroiled belt..butter dripping Cheds onto pink engorged belly… sub species …. dont arrive…. can ya?

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