This Person Fell So in Love With Maine, He Moved Here to Change Everything About It

East Boothbay Harbor — Tom Whitmore knew Maine was where he wanted to be when he first sailed his boat along its rocky coast.

“I told one of my deckhands I needed to move here,” Whitmore said. “And within two months, I began winding things down at my financial consulting business and left it all behind to come to Maine, to immediately begin changing it.”

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Whitmore’s generous savings allowed him plenty of free time to join volunteer and local political groups to begin enacting the changes he wanted to see.

“I love Maine so much. It’s beautiful here. I consider this home, which is why I think it should be more like what I imagine an ideal community to be.”

Whitmore was frustrated by his busy schedule at his old job, but is unencumbered by such problems here in Maine.

“I have nothing but free time, free time I can dedicate to changing laws and zoning at a local level.”

Even though Whitmore has only lived here for a short amount of time, he thinks it’s important to preserve the idea of Maine he lives with forever.

“For me, progressivism means making sure nothing changes, and if it does, it’s only to move backwards to a simpler time I imagine once existed.”

Whitmore is already involved in local politics, but has his eyes set on the state level.

“This could never have happened back in my old state,” he said.

“I was too busy there, and no one took me seriously anyway.”

Whitmore is confident he can enact change. “I want to see this state live up to the potential I imagine it has.”



27 thoughts on “This Person Fell So in Love With Maine, He Moved Here to Change Everything About It”

    1. Why change it? Think the locals think it’s just fine, he way it is. Change where you come from.!!!

  1. I’m thinking it’s an April Fool’s oractice . Never heard of this publication, poorly written article as it doesn’t cite any examples of this persons intended changes. It does bring up well established mindset of people moving here to escape a lifestyle only to really need it after all. Worse yet, to inflict it upon their adopted community.

      1. Bub, if family in Belfast starting 1789 is away you must be pure Penobscot Nation to call me out. That 2nd highest peak upta Baxter park is named after you I suppose? Lets not play that game, be nice!

      2. agree, someone sent it to me who was all stirred up on it and I should’ve looked deepah. Now jokes on me and the rest of us who took it for real news! haha, good fun anyway.

      1. Figured it was, just never heard of publication before, thought it might be “fake news” that’s all the rage these days. Actually was good satire, so good seems many of us were fooled! Keep it up and thanks!

  2. Born and raised in Maine. Moved away to serve in the military. Would love to go back but work in the field I chose keeps me from doing so. I have family there and visit often. Worse thing I’ve seen is exactly this. Someone moving there from a shit hole and trying to make the beautiful State of Maine a shit hole. Leave Maine alone! Mainers don’t want your change!

  3. What makes this person think his plan has value to the future of the State of Maine. Many like him have come before… and many more will follow. We natives and adoptees must defend our culture, or we will certainly be victimized by this type of thinking! Remember. .. silence is acceptance.

  4. Is this mostly a quaint Maine coastal town problem? Never heard of anybody move to Bradford or Medford and try to frig things up!

      1. Could be they’re worried the assessor will show up for the third time this year. Wouldn’t want to ruffle too many feathers.

  5. This is satire but it’s sadly true especially the part about moderately competent people coming to Maine and changing zoning laws. On the other hand, locals where I live don’t vote or go to public meetings. Instead, they grumble and complain and spread bitterness.

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