Report: Exhausted Lineman Probably Hasn’t Turned Power Back On Specifically to Spite You

Statewide — Central Maine Power lineman Jerry Robishaw has been working 18-20 hour shifts since the recent storms in Maine, but a new report says he hasn’t turned on your power specifically because he wants your ice cream to melt, sources say.

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Robishaw, who’s been with the company for 20 years and routinely works 100 hour weeks during storm season, has managed to get power on to homes along the main distribution line after staying up until 4 am last night.

However, the power at your house is still out and sources familiar with the matter say it’s because he doesn’t want your house to be turned on.

Working several days in a row to make sure power was getting to the hospitals, emergency responders, and schools, Robishaw found a few minutes to call his wife and kids before he grabbed two hours of sleep.

However, those two hours could have been spent restoring power to your house specifically, according to reports.

The lineman, whose knees are beginning to fail, was happy to accept some warm cookies baked by one of the people in your town who live along the main distribution line. However, if he ever turns on your power, you won’t be cooking him anything for reportedly dragging his feet.

“We’re all here working as hard as we can to get everyone back and running,” a visibly tired Robishaw told us, but sources say they saw a truck at the gas station with two lineman sitting in it, drinking coffee.



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  1. The power company suggests you spend your cold empty hours waiting for the power to come back on filling out their application to legally run your solar panel power system.

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