Adapting to Change: Sailor on Maine Flag to be Replaced With Barista

Augusta — Maine celebrated its birthday on March 15, and much has changed since it joined the union in 1820.

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To keep pace with modernity, state officials are phasing out the sailor, who represents Maine’s seafaring traditions.

The figure isn’t as representative of Maine as it once was.

“We have plenty of fisherman and some ferry captains, but most sailing in Maine is recreational,” an official said.

“That doesn’t represent the newer, cooler Maine of the modern era.”

After almost a year of deliberation, many choices were considered to replace the sailor.

“We thought maybe we should add another farmer, one who primarily raises chickens and greens for a local organic co-operative,” the official said.

“Unfortunately the farmer currently on the Maine seal basically looks like one already, so it would have been redundant.”

Other replacements suggestions included a realtor, full-time environmental activist, and blogger.

“But we felt a barista matched the perfect tone of working-class and Portland-area,” the official said.

The barista will hold an espresso in one hand, symbolizing espresso, and a piece of buttered toast in the other, to celebrate novel approaches to ordinary foods.

The unicycle represents alternative ways to commute, and was chosen over a bicycle specifically.

“A lot of Maine’s economy is promoted by how neat it is. It’s neat to stay in a cabin. It’s neat to visit an island. Someone selling blueberries on the side of the road is neat. So are unicycles, which is why we chose it.”



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  1. So we all can assume the Barista would have a tie-dye shirt..salmon colored shorts and a New Maine winter cap. But could the toast be replaced by a Cheds?

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