Over 20 Years After Phish Festival, Limestone Finally Smells Normal Again

Limestone — Officials with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection are closing the books on their work in Limestone over the past two decades.

The Great Went, one of many multi-day rock festivals by Vermont-based psychedelic jam band Phish, saw 75,000 fans, making Limestone the largest town in Maine for 2 days in August 1997.

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In spite of a giant firehose soaking down festival-goers when they arrived, a pervasive odor has lingered on the site for almost 21 years.

Locals described it as an ever-changing aroma, sometimes resembling the spicy tang of patchouli oil and sweaty bodies, other times resembling the skunky, piney aroma of the dankest nugs 1997 had to offer.

“There were 75,000 people here, crowded together, in the hot August weather,” official Brian Pemberton said.

“That’s 75,000 people dancing really badly for extended periods of time,” he said. “Take one extended jam, say a noodling, 30-minute Runaway Jim jam. That’s 37,500 manhours of weird, bad dancing.”

That figure represents almost 4 years of people spinning in circles, juggling devil sticks, or looking like they’re being electrocuted in slow motion.

“In the summer heat, that’s quite an aroma.”

But it’s not all bad news. While 21 years seems like a long time, initial estimates put the smell depletion at over 100 years.

“This is like Chernobyl, only Chernobyl has become a tourist destination.”




18 thoughts on “Over 20 Years After Phish Festival, Limestone Finally Smells Normal Again”

    1. i was blessed to see The great Whent, IT, Lemonwheel. all i can say is amazing. it was nice to see people stopping people just to shake their hands” GD. Phish did more for the local economy than any other event. Some of the people sold out of everything, once in a lifetime experience. i would love to see them just one more time in limestone. i loved the fifth set all tiki lamps….. wow. god bless

  1. Omg, I was at the loring job corps for the 02 concert… officials made us leave the dorm for a week and did a sweep for drugs before and after we left. I personally had a guy in a blue Aston Martin creep up to me and I talked to the guy who turned out to be a member of the band.

  2. I knew I lost something up there that weekend. Been missing my stink for twenty years. I also forgot a cooler full of lobsters!

  3. Hey New Maine News what a great way to take jabs at Phish and Phish heads, disguised in an article about the odor the festival left? Do you any of you dance? Do any of you know the title to more than one song the band plays? I’m guessing you’re the same people that are too chicken shit to dance, and instead stand around like Birds of a Feather. Making fun of those who are dancing because they actually have a solid efficacy outlook. What a poor piece of journalism. Who wrote this? The troll underneath the local bridge? The content of the article is more about making fun of people and hardly anything related to its title. #Fakenews

    1. Duh! Someone can’t appreciate satire. Stay away from “The Onion” dude. You would lose your mind.

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