Hot New Blog Breathlessly Describes Absolutely Ordinary Maine Things

Scarborough — Maine’s most popular new blog takes an outsider’s look at living in Maine, treating completely unremarkable, everyday occurrences as though no one has ever experienced them before.

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The blog, called “Outsider’s Inn,” was started by John and Mary Meyers-Kirkpatrick. It follows the lives of the two as they adjust to a “simpler way of life” at the bed and breakfast they bought in 2017.

Everything from shoveling snow to putting a truck into 4 wheel drive is given a 2000 word entry in the blog, with activities undertaken hundreds of times a day by ordinary Mainers being treated as unimaginable obstacles to overcome.

“John bought a saw at the local hardware store. A chainsaw. The wooden floors of the family business had smooth, deep grooves from years of regulars trudging in, work boots caked with earth. They weren’t always there to buy something. Often times they ‘ratchet jawered,’ a term used to mean making idle chatter,” read the most recent, absolutely insufferable entry.

“Mary continues to surprise me in our adventures here in the wilds of Maine. She had some manner of wooden device, I couldn’t figure it out. Flat, with a sharp triangle cut into one end. I thought perhaps it was for cooking, but she dropped it on the floor, forcefully threw her heel into the groove and, pop! off came her boot. She smiled. ‘Clever,’ she said. I couldn’t disagree. How wonderful,” reads an earlier post in which the couple “discovered” a hands-free method for removing boots.

Other subjects include adjusting to the accents, learning to love “the bitter but somehow comforting flavor” of Moxie, hearing a chickadee calling, and dozens of other absurdly uninteresting daily events.



6 thoughts on “Hot New Blog Breathlessly Describes Absolutely Ordinary Maine Things”

  1. Stuck at the car dealership yesterday, I picked up a copy of one of those Maine magazines and am pretty sure your bloggers are contributors. As a Maine native, I just had no idea you could grab a cup of coffee from one of so many purveyors and drink it down by “the working waterfront.” In fact, I didn’t fully appreciate the true marvel that is the Old Port what with all the exotic food pairings, housemade this and that, signature cocktails served old-timey-ship-captain-style, and organic merino wool shops. Gee!

  2. Salt water occasionally freezes in the winter, and your earlobes may turn grey after several hours behind a snowblower, but only if you have a two part last name.

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