Hundreds March in Portland Hoping to Get Their Signs Featured in a BuzzFeed ‘Clever Protest Sign’ Round Up

Portland — A march attended by thousands took an issue facing everyone in America and put it at the forefront: determining once and for all which signs would make it into an online listicle.

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Many of the protesters seemed unconcerned some in attendance had clearly spent hours coming up with the perfect bon mot to get them noticed by bloggers.

While some of the signs simply stated the sign-holder’s wishes, others took the format of succinct cleverness made popular by Twitter and late night television hosts.

Many of the signs were clearly loved by their creators, anxious to smile and strike a pose.

Other signs fell short of their creators’ intended goals of “you won’t believe” at number 8 in BuzzFeed’s list. Signs such as “I Can’t Bee-lieve I’m Here for This,” with a hand-drawn picture of a bee, barely impressed anyone taking photos for an unpaid article for the Huffington Post.

Ironic signs like “free kekistan!” and “bush did 9/11” were in attendance, mostly held by people hoping to impress Reddit.

Some sign holders held up confusing signs, like ending obscure tariffs on certain wooden furniture, or other issues no one cares about, like ending war.



2 thoughts on “Hundreds March in Portland Hoping to Get Their Signs Featured in a BuzzFeed ‘Clever Protest Sign’ Round Up”

  1. The words “ranked choice voting” are basically Chinese to those that are not from the great state.

    Time to go work on my protest signage, or do Maine DOT’s work for them by thinking of a creative pitch for their incredibly useful roadside signage.

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