Bruce Poliquin Sees Shadow After Emerging from Burrow, Signifying 6 Weeks of Mud Season

Maine’s 2nd District — For those hoping for a quick and painless transition from winter into spring, it looks like you better not put those boots away quite yet.

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Maine’s 2nd Congressional District representative Bruce Poliquin peeked his head out from his winter burrow, only to be spooked by his shadow.

The congressman quickly scurried back into his den. Tradition holds it’s a sign of six weeks of slogging through the stick mud, although there is little in the way of science to back up the superstition.

Poliquin will likely spend the mud season in his burrow, where he had a Murphy Bed installed, something political biologists say is fairly common.

“Many congresspeople stay in their burrows most of the time, only coming out to forage for food or accept kickbacks from special interests,” one scientist told us.

Dozens of districts in smaller states across the nation have adopted their own form of the tradition, and even parts of mid-sized states like Michigan take part each year. It’s said if Congressman Jack Bergman sees his shadow, a similar muddy fate will befall the upper peninsula.

It’s certainly bad news for anyone looking to avoid a prolonged season of floor mopping and boot cleaning, but it’s not all bad news.

A similar tradition in Maine’s 1st congressional district holds that if Congresswoman Chellie Pingree sees her shadow, it’s only 6 weeks until yachting season.


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  1. Hopefully his Burrow (old Franco American word for Hole or Arse) is to small to hide an AK47 for the times they are a changin.

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