Maine Leads Nation in Wango Tango Radio Play

Skowhegan — Maine has topped the nation once again in rock metrics few other states can even come close to matching.

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According to research done by the American Classic Rock Institute (ACRI), Maine rock stations play Ted Nugent’s 1980 chart bottomer Wango Tango more than anywhere else.

The song, which rose all the way to number 86 on the Billboard Hot 100, is played 700% more often on the airwaves of Maine than in the next five states combined.

“Mainers really love to hear The Nuge belting out Wango Tango, in spite of the fact that it’s an objectively horrible song,” a statement from ACRI said.

Maine leads the nation in other important butt-rock metrics, as well. Another Nuge hit, Cat Scratch Fever, is played 5 times more often than in any other state.

Other notable classic rock achievements include playing NRBQ and Gov’t Mule more than once per lifetime of a station, and playing Limp Bizkit non-ironically after the year 2002.

“These are incredible achievements, and speak to Maine citizen’s unique and often terrible taste in music.”

Maine is at a dead heat with other states when it comes to getting the Led out, but is far and away the only state to play Frank Zappa’s Titties & Beer in its entirety several times a year, which almost makes up for all the other musical missteps.


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