Meet the Selfless Mainer Who’d Buy Tom-O and Mr. Mike a Beer Anytime

Waterville — Much of Maine is known for its rural charm, and that includes lending a neighborly hand to those who might need it.

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Kevin Coburn, who will tell you he “doesn’t come from much,” is one such helpful neighbor. In spite of the fact he often struggles financially, he’d never say no to the opportunity to buy Mountain Morning Show personalities Tom-O and Mr. Mike a cold beer.

“Friggin love them dudes,” Coburn said of the WTOS 105.1 morning DJs.

“They talk about beers all the time, it’s awesome. If I ever go to Sugarloaf I’m going to take the lift to the top just to see them,” he said, mistakenly believing the location of the transmitter tower is also the location of the studio.

“Christ I’d buy meteorological mad man Russ Merley one, too, and PJ Anus.”

Coburn is such a giving man, a blinding beacon of kindness in these troubled times, he said he’d even elevate his level of giving if the opportunity arose.

“Dude you know them two smoke,” he said.

“Love to twist up a wicked j-bone with them guys, I’d be friggin’ dying laughing.”

Coburn listens to the Mountain Morning Show every morning at his job as a framer for his uncle’s construction company.

“One of these days, bub, mark my words, I’m going to run into them two,” Coburn said, not realizing both DJs have lives outside the studio.




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  1. Hey Seth. Missed you Dude. Did you get a signed Permission Slip from us to play hookey the last two days? Or did you just roll an Easter blunt and forget your buddies?

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