Strip of Brown Packing Tape Celebrates 30 Years as Temporary Window Repair

Stueben — A quick fix meant to keep the cold out in 1988 has now become a permanent repair.

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The window in Tom and Jane Robinson’s front room became cracked when oldest son Kevin hit it with a Madballs “Screamin Meemie” toy he received as a birthday present that year.

Tom, unable to “get to the thing right now,” was quick to repair the minor damage with few well-placed strips of brown, translucent packing tape left over from when they moved into the house in 1983.

The fix was intended to last until Tom had “five goddamn minutes” to get a new pane, which he eventually acquired in 1992.

The replacement pane sat on his bench in the basement until it was shattered by “that friggin cat” in 1995, putting off the repair until Tom “could get round to it.”

In the summer of 2002, when Tom took two weeks to “get some things done,” he unfortunately threw out his back carrying asphalt shingles from the back of his truck and into his shop, where they sit today.

The Robinson’s sons, now grown, offered to repair the pane over Christmas in 2005, 2006 and again in 2008, but the elder Robinson felt it was “too cold to frig with it now.”

Since then, the subject of the window rarely comes up thanks to a new set of curtains hung by Jane in 2014.

However, Tom is planning to hire a local contractor to replace all the old-style windows in the house with modern ones, a goal he began working towards in 2015 after their taxes came back.





9 thoughts on “Strip of Brown Packing Tape Celebrates 30 Years as Temporary Window Repair”

    1. Don’t take offense “ Roger That”, however the frigin’ Blue State of Maine which this site is now shamelessly pushing for retail, pops up on my I pad over the last in a series of comments and makes it impossible for me to post my own thoughts on these leading edge stories. Who’s in charge of this bull shit?

  1. If the Makers of Tyvek could print wood look siding on the house wrap it would cut 1/2 the work of a remodel .

  2. Tom obviously has a good thing going. Reminds me of the broken pane of glass in the back room window. I’m gonna replace it as soon as the cardboard I stuffed in there gets too soggy. So far it’s holdin’ up pretty good though – goin’ on 4 years now.

  3. Bobby Jaysus… some right good ideas here. How bout…
    Camo Tyvec… for the economy minded outdoorsman.

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