Tensions Escalate Between Citizens of Route 1, Route 2

Houlton — Long-standing animosity between two of the numbered highways running through Maine are reaching a boiling point, UN officials warn.

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The East-West-running US Route 2 residents are looked down upon by the North-South running US Route 1 citizens, according to those who live on Route 2.

“Just because they end up down to Florida, they think they’re something special,” one Route 2 citizen told us.

The people of Route 1 feel this is unfair.

“Truly their’s is a pitiable existence, but to say we look down on them is preposterous,” a Wiscasset resident said.

Perhaps most concerning to the citizens of Route 2 is how Route 1 is used as a way for undesirables to enter the state

“Route 1 is how people from Massachusetts get to their summer homes,” a Route 2 citizen said.

“Can you imagine? Allowing that to happen right under your nose. Un-friggin-real.”

Tensions between the two areas has historically been a problem, with people on both sides contributing to the hard feelings.

“Why in the hell would anyone want to travel through Carmel?” one Route 1 resident asked.

Route 1 and Route 2 both run through the city of Houlton, where a large demilitarized zone was constructed after the Route 1/Route 2 armistice of 1965.


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