Mainer Living Out of State Tired of Explaining Brown Bread

Seattle — Former Maine resident Julie Pelletier remembers B&M brown bread fondly, but she doesn’t look fondly on having to talk about with everyone who finds out she’s from Maine.

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“One of the first questions people ask me when they find out I’m from Maine is ‘have you ever had that bread in a can?'” she said.

“It was cute at first but now I’m pretty much sick of it.”

Brown bread, a staple of Saturday night baked bean suppers, is not common outside of Maine, and seems like it should be completely disgusting.

“I guess people think it’s like, a loaf of bread crammed down inside a can or something,” Pelletier said.

“So I tell them it’s made that way even by old ladies and then they think I’m just pulling their legs.”

Pelletier remembers an occasion when her mother sent her a can of B&M brown bread in a care package from Maine.

“There was a can of brown bread with raisins, because I always liked that one, then she threw in some slack-salt fish and a bag of Sour Cream and Clam Humpty Dumpty potato chips,” she said.

“That’s when everyone really thought Maine food was weird. No one tried any of it.”

There was one exception, Pelletier said.

“No one wanted to eat bread from a can but they had no problem hitting the Allen’s from the bottle.”


2 thoughts on “Mainer Living Out of State Tired of Explaining Brown Bread”

  1. Staple of Saturday night diet in Dexter as a youth. Street vendor parked his truck and advertised baked beans cooked three days underground or something like that.

  2. Goodness. Beans, franks, brown bread and cole slaw or macaroni salad–typical Saturday night supper! Grew up eating it! And, yes, we used a can for baking our bread! (Still do, and live in another state now!)

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