Always Prepared: This Guy Has 5 Tires in the Back of His Truck

Eustis — Kevin Ouellette is ready for any contingency, at least when it comes to his 2003 Chevy pickup.

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In spite of the fact his truck, like almost all trucks and cars, has 4 wheels, he still keeps 5 tires in the bed at all times.

Talk about prepared.

The tires, some of which are mounted on rims and some of which aren’t, haven’t left Ouellette’s truck bed since he bought them on Facebook Marketplace last August.

One of the tires doesn’t even fit his custom 4×4 Chevy. It’s a world-weary tire and stock rim taken from his mother’s car. This prepper is not just looking out for himself, but anyone with a 1999 Chevy Cavalier who might be in need.

It’s not just extra tires Ouellette keeps with him in case of emergency. His snowmobile never leaves his front yard, from the end of the season until the first flakes fall again. You never know when Maine’s weather might turn, even in June.

On top of all this forward-thinking behavior, Ouellette is modest. When asked why he decided to keep all those tires in his bed, his response was “why don’t you mind your own goddamn business.”



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    1. C’mon now, You know he’s got a full pig in the back of that truck somewhere. Might be underneath all them tires…

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