Rare Blue Lobster Saves Ordinary Slow News Day

Vinalhaven — A lobster with a blue shell is a rarity, with just one in a million of the crustaceans having the shade. For local beat reporters, it’s a cause for celebration.

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“Thank God, we had nothing going on today,” one news reporter said of the beautiful, rare sea creature.

“Any time someone hauls one of these up, we can get it to trend on social media. It’s a really amazing thing.”

With nothing interesting or notable happening in local news for the day, a segment on the rare blue lobster can fill the void.

“To be honest, I didn’t feel like doing anything today, so we just pulled up a boilerplate blue lobster script and modified it for the current news.”

The script includes a description of the fisherman, listing the odds of blue and other lobster color variations, a backlink in the online edition to a previous unusual colored or multi-clawed lobster, and a line about how they still turn red when cooked.

“It’s like, I can just fill in the blanks, hand in a story, and get a bazillion shares on Facebook. It’s 5 minutes effort for the writing, and 2 minutes of editing blue lobster b-roll for the video portion.”

Reporters said it’s even better the lobster was caught off Vinalhaven, with its rigid ferry schedule.

“Then we just have them email some cellphone footage. We don’t even need to leave the newsroom.”


3 thoughts on “Rare Blue Lobster Saves Ordinary Slow News Day”

  1. So are you sayin …if that lobstah hadn’t been caught the newspaper would have been 2 pages shorter that day… or that some reporter would have written Fake News? Bobby jaysus….does that ever happen?

  2. Fun fact, different colored lobsters aren’t really that rare. Lobster men just rarely report them because once they do every single scientist shows up.

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