Hannaford Self-Checkout Computer Adds ‘I Brung My Own Bag’ Option for Real Mainers

Scarborough — In response to increased pressure to encourage reusable bags, Hannaford is now offering a way for real Mainers to check out easily.

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The new ‘I Brung My Own Bag’ option lets real Mainers tell the self-checkout computer they’ll be filling up bags brought from home rather than using one of the bags offered at the kiosks.

Hannaford’s Chief Mainer Gary Jay said it’s all part of keeping Maine’s top grocery chain grounded in its home state.

“We have an aisle for organic crap and a buncha other stuff for the yuppies and summer people, and now we have this new feature in our self-checkout to help regular people,” he said.

Hannaford doesn’t care what type of bag it is, Jay said.

“So long’s you brung it from home, do whatevah,” he said. “Duffel bag, book bag, Christ, if you want to bring in a bait bag or a potato sack, don’t matter to us.”

Hannaford already has an option for people who bring their reusable bags, but Jay said this new one is special.

“Lets us know you’re from here, so we won’t charge you so much,” he said.

“All them people from away, they cry poor, but we know they all got money.”


9 thoughts on “Hannaford Self-Checkout Computer Adds ‘I Brung My Own Bag’ Option for Real Mainers”

  1. I will not shop at Hannafords because of this crap some of the towns like Belfast have out lawed the use of plastic by the stores they did not fight it. I reuse the plastic bags now I just have to buy them to replace what I was getting it is a feel good thing for all the tree huggers. Hannafords if you really want to do something have a return area for these bags where they can be sold or donated to make matts for the homeless and they are making a more durable road. tired of all the feel good laws no results.

  2. Bags, bags, bags….paper kills trees. plastic kills fish and sticks to your car muffler, store shopping bags support the Chinese /Communist/Capitalist/Oxymoron/Imperialists and carry bacteria….USE BUCKETS & HOSE EM OUT GOOD WHEN YOU GET HOME!!! Problem solved. . 😉

  3. Now we need a true Mainer’s bumpah stickah for the Mt. Washington Auto Road: “This car clumb Mt. Washington.”

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