Inclusionary Welcome Sign Not Expanding Diversity of People Shopping at Artisan Dog-Soap Store

Belfast — The Pampered Pup, a store specializing in handmade soaps for dogs, wants people to know all are welcome inside.

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The sign promises all people, regardless of sexual orientation, race, gender, religion, and able-bodiedness are welcome at the establishment.

However, the owner said only people fitting a very narrow and specific type have visited the store.

“It’s kind of heartbreaking to see the same sorts of people coming in every week,” shop owner Karen Cogswell-Harper said.

The shop is a place of “wokeness,” Cogswell-Harper said, where all people are welcome to come inside and browse the huge selection of soaps specifically designed for dogs.

“If you’re the sort of person who loves your dog so much, you only give them bottled water, then we are the soap store for you,” Cogswell-Harper said.

“Regardless of your background or who you are, our store is open to you. We will never turn anyone away for being different, if that ever happens.”

Since the sign was hung up in the window, people have stopped in to congratulate Cogswell-Harper on being open-minded.

“It’s so nice, but it’s just the same group of upper and upper-middle class white people who shop here who also come in to thank me for being so open-minded,” Cogswell-Harper said.

“We welcome everyone here, not just people who drive Audis or love ideas more than actions .”


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  1. This entry had SO much opportunity and yet, I am left hungry for a more stratospheric level of snark. Yes, we can do better. Yes. We can.

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