Entire Car Dealership Inventory Crushed Under Enormous American Flag

Ellsworth — Terry Beal, owner of Beal’s Used Automotive Center, doesn’t know if his business will be able to recover from its recent tragedy.

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Beal’s entire stock of used automobiles was declared a complete loss after the American flag he hangs over his dealership broke lose and collapsed yesterday.

“It’s awful. I don’t know if I’ll be able to recover from this,” Beal said, adding he was thankful it happened during the night and not when his dealership was open for business.

“We have a fairly large lot, but an even larger American flag, so it managed to get every last automobile we had with no money down, no credit check, and no payment up front,” he said.

Insurance adjusters are investigating the cause of the accident, but law enforcement doesn’t believe any foul play was involved.

“These colors don’t run,” Officer Tony Blanchette said, “but they do crush.”

In addition to taking out all of Beal’s used automobiles, the enormous American flag also took out several floppy-armed balloon men and one animatronic gorilla.

“We were just getting ready to put the gorilla out for our Going Ape Sales Day event,” Beal said.


2 thoughts on “Entire Car Dealership Inventory Crushed Under Enormous American Flag”

  1. I’m just disturbed that New Meadows Auto Sales took advantage of the tragedy by running a banner ad on this page. I mean, New Meadows Auto Sales is a fine family-owned company that sells terrific automobiles to Mainers of all stripes, but when a fellow used car lot experiences such a catastrophe, shouldn’t we show some restraint?

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