None of the 37 Owners of This Camp Know Whose Turn It Is to Buy Propane

Northfield — With summer rapidly approaching, many Mainers are spending their time preparing for camp. But one family’s cabin on Bog Lake is running behind schedule.

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The camp, owned by 37 different members of the same extended family, is on a rotational schedule for use and maintenance. While everyone is locked in on when the camp is theirs to use, no one is certain who is responsible for buying more propane for the gas stove.

“Hell if I know,” said 1/37th owner Steve Hadley. “I just know it’s not my turn. I bought it 7 years ago,” he said.

Donna Smith, Hadley’s third cousin, twice removed, said she knows beyond a shadow of a doubt the responsibility does not fall on her and her husband Ronald.

Smith said this time it’s her cousin Sherry Cutler’s turn to refill the propane for the summer season. Sherry disagrees.

“The tanks are empty because my cousin Arnold forgot to turn them off when he came up here to go hunting, and since my goddamn good for nothing Uncle Chuck never fixed the seals in the cook stove, all the propane leaked out.”

Many family members said if Brown doesn’t buy propane, she’ll lose her 3 days in July. But Brown said as owner of 2.7% of the camp, she has just as much right to it as anyone else in the family.

Unbeknownst to the rest of the extended family, distant cousin Erv McPherson stole the propane tank over the winter.

“My house ran out and I were a little low on fundage,” he said.




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  1. Oh, that is classic. I regularly run into this problem in my work and put together the holding company and agreements that can keep the camp in the family. Good fun.

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