Person Pointing Out There Actually Isn’t a Bird Called a Seagull Quickly Reminded No One Cares

Wells Beach — Amateur ornithologist Darren Ackley was quickly silenced after explaining the term ‘seagull’ was not correct.

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According to witnesses, Ackley corrected his friend Sam Reali who referred to a Great black-backed gull as a “seagull.”

“Actually, seagull refers to any member of the gull species and isn’t an actual scientific term,” Ackley said, to which Reali replied, “Oh wow, really? How about shut the fuck up, no one cares.”

Ackley, who is not a scientist or in possession of a science background, follows the IFL Science page on Facebook, and considers himself something of a science enthusiast.

However, Reali said he’s enthusiastic “about kicking [Ackley’s] ass next time he says some dumb shit about seagulls.”

A similar conversation occurred in Portland during a trip with Ackley and some of his other friends, when he told acquaintance Matty “Scoopah” Cooper pigeons were actually called rock doves.

“Dude, Scoopah gave Ack a titty-twist so hard, holy hell, I thought he was going to rip his goddamn nip clean off,” Reali said.

Sources report the last time Ackley was seen with Reali, he looked like he was stifling the need to tell Reali the Ringed-bill Gull is not an immature version of the Great black-backed gull.

“Watch that baby seagull gobble this up, dude,” Reali said, throwing a handful of french fries with a cigarette butt hidden in them at the bird.



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  1. They were also commonly referred to as “Dump Turkeys” back in the day when all the trash was thrown down over into the quarry.

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