Maine Dad “About Friggin’ Sick of It”

Midcoast — Thanks to everyone for the amazing support and love in the brief time New Maine News has existed.

Unfortunately I no longer have the time to dedicate to New Maine News, so I’m putting the site on permanent hiatus. That’s a non-committal way of saying “it’s over” while still keeping the door open for an eventual reboot, one that will probably never happen.

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Again, thank you all for making this something people talked about in and around the state of Maine. It’s been wild. Way crazier than I imagined it would ever be. Seriously.

I don’t plan to stop doing comedy, or Maine comedy, and I’m open for collaborations or writing really tone-deaf opinion columns for the Portland Press Herald, since that seems pretty popular.

You can follow me on Twitter or Instagram, or my check out my new job as tech and commerce editor at, or follow me on Flickr. Or not. I’m not here to tell you how to live your life. You can still reach me at the contact link on this page, or directly at

You’re all wonderful and I love you each individually. Please remember to cast your write-in vote for me this fall for Maine’s next, and best-ever, governor.




32 thoughts on “Maine Dad “About Friggin’ Sick of It””

  1. I am simply bereft. I live far, far away, and this was my contact to my youth and my true home largely because the Maine News never changes. Its still the same wacked-out baked bean loving, lobster wrangling, fluffer-nutter place it always has been. But, becoming the governator is a good idea. Given the current occupant of that office, clearly any idiot can do it and do it better without even getting off the pot. Go for it.

    1. Yes, So Long from Henskin, Roger That, Unthawed?, Hoosier Daddy, As the Man Says, Useful Idiot, Mock Z, John Dough, Claude Balls, Mr. StinkyPants, No Puppet, Itchy Brother, Simon Says, Monkey Dung, Perry Winkle, Sum-Yung Guy, and Minnie HaHa!!

  2. Thank you Seth. I thoroughly enjoyed your posts and looked forward to them every day. Please leave the site up because there are many that are worth sharing with friends, especially those that don’t friggin’ get Maine. It’s been fun. All the best.

  3. Well, it looks like we’re back down to Bob Marley as what passes for Maine humor. Thanks alot!

    It was a great, fun ride, Seth! Go hard!

  4. Awwww, when I got the mail I thought, “Oh boy, a new article from New Maine News” only to read that you are leaving. So sad. But congratulations on your new job. I hope you will enjoy it. Thanks for all the laughs. Take care!

  5. You balance delight with outrage exquisitely, Seth. Thank you for demonstrating how our time can find strength by recognizing truth in loss, and ourselves in falsity. Though selfishly I wish you were continuing, I am relieved to no longer envy you for your ability to recognize, invent, and hit the target so unerringly and poignantly.

  6. Thank you for this labor or love. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to support you with $$, but I have relished your insights. There are people who think Maine does not have a unique culture of its own. Every one of your posts has belied that with humor, affection, and merciless accuracy. Best wishes.

  7. Your jolts of humor in the AM, along with my jolts of coffee, helped to make my day. Oh well, life is still pretty good. If you don’t think so, try death, know what I mean? Hang in there, Seth. Dewey (semi-native) in CT.

  8. Thanks for all your fun, hilarity, insight, etc.
    I was wondering how long you could sustain such a schedule of an article per day of true, real news.
    Perhaps maybe one every week or two. Jeeper’s, even one a month would keep me going.
    I know the BDN does it every day but that gets boring.
    I hope you’ll keep the stories here on this website page thing because I’m always needing to refer back to some of the articles and inform some of my uninformed friend’s and neighbors.
    Real Maine news the way it should be.

  9. Everything good must come to an end, I guess. This was an amazing site, and it will be sorely missed. The only thing left to do is give New Maine News a viking funeral. Someone get a can of gasoline and a lobster boat, and I’ll bring the Allen’s and Allagash. Good luck in your future endeavors, Seth!

  10. Bobby Jaysus Seth. Who you thinking bout… you and your fambly? What about us? Damn…. what are we suppose to do now…. sleep till 7?
    So you can have a paying job?

    I’m checking this site every morning till you lose your new job and charge each of us $20 a year making a cool 300000 a year! Till then…
    FKYRSLF. MY FRIEND. I’ll miss you.

  11. So sad you are signing off, this site was the funniest thing to come to Maine—laugh out loud satire every day. I especially loved your coverage of Maine Magazine (and the zillion offshoots) which were hilarious. Traveling mercies. Sure we’ll be hearing more about you soon.

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