Democrats Applaud Ranked Choice Voting’s Favorable Outcome

Augusta — After a prolonged counting process, the nation’s first ranked-choice voting decision confirmed the new system is enormously fair and successful, report Maine’s Democrats.

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“With Jared Golden beating Bruce Poliquin thanks to ranked choice voting, it’s more clear now than ever before Maine’s voters chose the best possible system,” one Democratic leader said in a statement.

“We could not possibly be happier with this outcome, and by extension, the process which allowed it.”

However, Maine Republicans feel differently.

“Ranked choice voting is clearly undemocratic, among the worst systems ever developed,” said a voter who supported Bruce Poliquin. “More people voted for Poliquin than Golden, but Poliquin didn’t win? Clearly the system is bad, in this particular case.”

In spite of near-unanimous criticism from Republicans, Democrats across the state were overwhelmingly in favor of the process upon learning its outcome.

“It’s just better,” Colin Lamont of Belfast said. “What’s-his-name won, the Democrat guy, proving the value of ranked-choice voting beyond a shadow of a doubt.”

Lamont said he was apprehensive at first, but was overjoyed at the results.

“I was really worried we wouldn’t get a chance to gloat on social media,” he said.

Lamont also worries future elections might not have Democrat winners.

“If it comes to that, I think we’ll have to take a good, hard look at the flawed system in place,” he said.



10 thoughts on “Democrats Applaud Ranked Choice Voting’s Favorable Outcome”

  1. Wait a minute! Maine Repubs don’t think this Rancid Choice “vote” scenario is the way to go. A very misleading headline, to say the least. Who in Hell is “running” this “news outlet”…Frank Marshall Davis?!
    Portland (Cambridge North) won, rural Maine lost. See y’all in 2220. MAGA!

      1. Anna, Anna, Anna, Annannanna – “Rancid Choice”…”News Outlet”…You know he’s tugging your LEFT leg, doncha?

      2. I try to tug on their Right leg by being excited about being able to get tattoos and cigarette cartons with my food stamps, and I make sure to thank them very much for these bennies that they work so hard to provide for me.

  2. Well, now, I wonder if the Republican would say the same thing about the Electoral College: more people voted for Hillary (2018), but she didn’t win; more people voted for Gore (2000), but he didn’t win. I didn’t see the Republicans contesting those.

  3. San Francisco has had experience with several rounds of RCV for Mayoral races and several analysts have noted that Democratic strategists have ‘gamed’ the system by encouraging fringe, splinter party and independents to run. They ‘know’ that under RCV they will reveal their primary interests through their candidates and make it possible for their candidate to beat an opponent in a close race by having them appeal to those interests and encouraging their second or third vote to be for the Democrat. SF Bay Guardian has been rather skeptical of RCV, and back issues cover this aspect of it.

  4. Of course, as Lamont indicates, as soon as the other party wins the next election through RCV it will be decried and changed. Yessah!

  5. Dems can’t count ballots, or for that matter, dollars and sense without messin up! On the other side it might be remembered that Gov. Gerry was a Rep….

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