Man Killed While Drunk Driving Died Doing What He Loved

Old Town — Friends of Jerry Dennison, who died after an accident due to driving while intoxicated, gathered together to remember their lost friend.

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“Oh he loved to drink and drive, friggin lived for it,” said Tom Libby of Bangor of his friend “Denny.”

“We’d grab a couple of road-sodas and go out and about looking for whatever,” Libby said.

“He loved it. Didn’t matter what time of night or day of the week, Denny was down to party.”

Donna Pelletier remembered Dennison as a kind, helpful friend who prided himself on his love of drinking and driving.

“He loved it so much, after they took his license for his second or third O.U.I. Denny just kept cruising,” she remembered fondly.

“Denny was an old booze hound,” she said. “He was never much for puff, but he’d twist up a pinner sometimes when we was out cruising.”

Friends remember Dennison not only for his love of drinking and driving, but for his accomplishments.

“He always used to brag about how, on his second O.U.I., he broke the state record for blood alcohol. He wore that like a badge of honor, as opposed to seatbelts, which he never wore,” Libby remembered.

Dennison’s friends contributed equally to buy a keg of Bud Light in their departed friend’s honor.

“Going to get friggin lit for Denny tonight!” Pelletier said before leaving the party in her 2004 Dodge Neon to pick up some Twisted Teas down to Hannafords.


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  1. My best friend when we were in our early 20’s always said he could drive better drunk. Lost his life while racing. Broke my heart.

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