Belfast Municipal Government Woes Leave Residents Unsure Who to Root Against

Belfast — Tensions between Belfast’s city council and the town’s mayor were made worse by a recent op-ed in the Republican Journal, leaving many in this small town uncertain as to which side they should avoid taking.

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The November 22 column, titled “Hurtful comment mars celebration of businesses,” took members of the council and local community to task for a comment made by the recipient of the Citizen of the Year award and the laughter and applause that followed.

“I mean, I thought it were a pretty good joke,” Belfast resident Donna Thompson said. “But I’m no Jeff Dunham.”

Another long-time Belfast resident felt differently. “The joke was in poor taste, and an unwelcome jab at the mayor, but on the other hand, the city council meetings are like a circus now so I just don’t know who to dislike anymore.”

“A facilitated process? For friggin what?” wondered resident Kevin Pelletier.

“I seen about how that one guy has a knife and I thought ‘well that’s pretty cool,'” Pelletier said, saying he thought carrying a knife was common practice “among regular people.”

“But then I seen it was to open granola bars? Jumping Jesus.”

The role of mayor in Belfast has historically been a symbolic role, filled by a person best representing the spirit of the community.

“She can’t take a joke, so I’d say she’s the perfect person to represent Belfast,” Thompson said.


14 thoughts on “Belfast Municipal Government Woes Leave Residents Unsure Who to Root Against”

  1. Belfast is metastasizing into a mini-Portland. But on the bright side, it will continue to provide a rich vein of material for NMN.

  2. I watched the entire meeting last night. I was most taken aback by how the Mayor seemed to have no regard or explanation of the serious charges of bigotry and sexism that she levied against the councilors or Belfast government. She seemed indignant and totally absorbed in her own feelings with disregard for anyone else. My mother was Mayor for 14 years and dealt with councilors with respect and that came around and all could conduct the business of the city with civility . The position of mayor is mostly ceremonial and to moderate the meetings. I think this is not the right fit for this person. She should run for State office and see if that is a better place to move her agenda forward…she might want to get a sense of humor because public office makes you open to praise and ridicule.

  3. Belfast has certainly gone downhill since I was last there, the Western Auto store was still open, and the inhabitants were true Maniacs. The new Belfast has apparently been taken over by outlander boutique yuppie types and liberal/progressive refugee retirees, who having ruined the land and society of their home state move on to repeat their performance in Maine. I suggest that there be a state investigation into the government of Belfast since their officials appear to be in some sort of collusion with Roswell Aliens…

  4. Glad to see Main Humor is irrepressible. Maybe if those in the passenger seat would let go of the tiller, we could stop going in starboard circles.

  5. Belfast! living up to the peaceful and sophisticated heritage its name implies. Coexistence with others is futile if you carry that moniker. I suggest it change its name to Sethberg. Or just plain Biffyville.

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