‘Sublime Coming Up After the Break’ Warns 94.3 WCYY

Portland — Maine’s rock alternative issued a dire warning to listeners in its southern Maine market this morning.

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Following the news and weather, a short break is scheduled for mandated station identification and commercials. On-air personality Xander then let listeners know Sublime would immediately follow.

Officials recommend switching stations “to anything else,” even if that means a static signal, or turning the radio off entirely.

“With a collection of terrible songs fusing the worst possible reggae beats with limp rock-guitar licks, and lyrics about a dog for whatever reason, we always try and warn listeners ahead of time,” WCYY said in a statement.

“Generally it’s bad business practice to let people know ahead of time they should turn off their radios.”

However, many stations in Maine extend the same courtesy to their listeners, with Bangor-based classic rock station 100.3 WKIT routinely warning listeners as to upcoming triple-plays of The Eagles.

Sublime, formed in Southern California, made a name for itself in the 1990s. In spite of being instantly identifiable with the west coast, its songs focus on subjects like drugs and sexualizing underage girls.

“They’re basically warm Twisted Tea in music form, which is why we still play them in Maine.”


5 thoughts on “‘Sublime Coming Up After the Break’ Warns 94.3 WCYY”

  1. If they could could morph from “Twisted Tea in music form”, to Allen’s Coffee Brandy… They would rocket to number one in Maine!

  2. I appreciate a warning that my radio station is about to play 3 Eagle songs in a row. Heck! Please warn me to turn off the radio before playing any song by the Eagles, especially Hotel California.

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